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Looking for Hard drive Data Recovery?
Lost your Hard drive to a crash? We can help...


We can help with all of these situations! Never assume Hard Drive data is unrecoverable. ‘computer man’ and it's partners have successfully recovered data from hard drives with extreme physical damage when others have said hard drive data recovery was not possible.

              • Hard Drive Crash

              • Data Erased that you need

              • Accidental Formatting

              • Disk won't initialize

              • Unreadable boot volume

              • Unmoutable boot volume

              • No disk drive present

              • Blue screen of death referring to boot sectors or boot volumes.

              • Dropped your laptop

The most important thing to remember is to not make the damage worse. Many drives have been rendered unusable by "trying" to get the data back in unorthodox ways.

Take these simple steps and let our experience handle the rest.

We've got several levels of service geared to be able to recover even the most destroyed data. We can even pick it up and drop it off for you within the Peterborough and wider Peterborough area

Step 1: Call us

01733 244 544

Step 2: Prevent Further Data Loss

Avoid attempting recovery yourself on severely traumatized drives (i.e., turning your computer off and on, using over-the-counter diagnostic tools), as doing so may cause further damage or permanent data loss. In many cases, attempts to repair the drive, or recover the data yourself can cause further damage!

Step 3: We'll pick up your drive and do the rest for you!

If your data is recoverable , we'll get it guaranteed!

• We provide free quotes on data recovery.

• We Pickup and Deliver your Hard Drive and Data.

• We'll put your recovered data on any medium you want. DVD, CD, or New Hard Drive, yours or ours.

Portable drives, Raid, Laptop Drives, if it has important Data on it, we will do our best to recover it!

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