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Automated protection for your most valuable business asset....

Accidents DO happen..

Lightning strikes, buildings burn, floods occur, thieves steal, and viruses inflict destruction. Back-ups do and can fail. Yes you could replace you computer system within one day, but how long would it take to re-enter your business data that your livelihood depends on WEEKS? MONTHS? What would the cost be? Do you have the systems and paper trail to enable you to do this?

A typical business computer would probably have data such as invoices, tax details, customer records, supplier records, databases, sales history, quotes, orders, projects, photos, various scanned documents, sounds. How long would it take to replace all this data? How much would it cost in time and money? What would the cost be in loss of business?



Did you know…

Did you know that it takes around 20 days and costs tens of thousands of pounds to re-type in just 20Mb (megabyte) of sales and accounting data?

‘computer man’ Remote Back-up Service is the data protection solution for your business.

‘computer man’ Remote Back-up Service automates your back-up process ensuring that critical data is always secure and available. Make ‘computer man’ Remote Back-up Service part of your data protection plan. It can make sure that your business is safe from the kind of catastrophic failure that can destroy your data so easily.

‘computer man’ Remote Back-up Service allows you to protect your critical data against unforeseen catastrophic loss by backing up your data to secure offsite facilities. It eliminates the human error associated with all manual data protection systems.

Problems such as:

Back-ups rushed through without proper verification.

Back-ups are left in a drawer next to the computer only to be wiped out in the same catastrophe

When back-ups are forgotten

When new files are added or existing critical files are updated that are not part of your regular backup plan or routine..

When you find that you have been backing up corrupt files because an undetected virus in your system has been destroying your data files

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